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4IR's Promise: 
              Food Security



Professional Experience


  • Prof. Ahmet has held positions as the director of Nano Technologies and Nano Science Laboratories in various organizations, such as the Department of Physics at the Atomic Energy Commission, and Materialsan Company.

  • He worked as a scientific consultant to several ministers from 2001 to 2016.

  • Prof. Ahmet also contributed as an expert in strategic planning and industrial development in both the public and private sectors with various ministers, and companies.

  • Prof. Ahmet is the founder of several companies and nano-technology laboratories in projects related to health, defense, and food security.


Current Business


  • I am currently an entrepreneur specializing in nano-technology applications and outputs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • I am involved in strategic investment projects that aim to benefit both the state and society while providing a very high return on investment. These projects focus on critical areas such as food security, defense, health, and the environment.

  • We are open to collaborating with entities worldwide, including public and private organizations, banks, and business developers.

  • We are also ready to provide scientific, technical, and research consultancy services in any language. 



  2. Our past and ongoing projects include:

  3. Establishing organic and liquid chemical fertilizer factories using Nano-technology.

  4. Creating rapid seed production units using nano-technology.

  5. Developing environmentally friendly pesticide manufacturing facilities.

  6. Constructing water purification units, especially in arid regions, utilizing nano-technology.

  7.  Initiating projects for the extraction and separation of beneficial compounds from medicinal plants, among many others.


Be our partner

Our commitment lies in contributing to advancements in critical sectors through innovative technology applications and strategic investments that benefit society and the nation. We are open to partnerships and collaborations with organizations worldwide.

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